Treatment Testimonials

Treatment Testimonials

When I asked a few of my students and clients if they would write a short testimonial, I was overwhelmed by the response I received. I must thank each and every one of them for their kind words and admit that this whole exercise has been a humbling experience.

“Anne-Marie is one of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet and she is so humble with it. I have found every treatment to be such a powerful and relaxing experience and my life just gets better and better every time I see her. Aside from the fact that Anne-Marie knows ‘her stuff’, she is so warm and understanding. Her sense of humour is wicked too. I practice martial arts regularly and the energy this woman emanates is huge. I am now at the point of wanting to learn how to do Reiki myself and will definitely be attending one of Anne-Marie’s courses. I’d recommend her to everyone.”

Chris, Sutton, Surrey

“Anne-Marie is always friendly and professional and treatments with her are welcoming and relaxing. She completed very comprehensive notes on my first visit and continues to do so. I always find the sessions to be totally relaxing and they leave me feeling calm with a sense of well-being. The benefits of each sessions stay with me for many days and the more sessions I have, the better I have been feeling, both physically and emotionally. I feel Anne-Marie excels at her profession and clearly enjoys what she does, which has a positive impact on her treatments.”

 Jane, Tadworth, Surrey

“My life was a complete mess before I found Anne-Marie. I was consumed by irrational fears and phobias, to the point that going out of the house was a nightmare. The Reiki treatments and Anne-Marie’s knowledge have taught me to feel safe again and I cannot thank her enough. Her total compassion, patience and wisdom are rare finds and I would recommend her to anyone.”

Tony, Coulsdon, Surrey

“A treatment with Anne-Marie is very soothing as she always works in a very calm atmosphere. At the beginning of the treatment, we always go through how I have been feeling since my last visit. I totally relax during the treatment and feel good for the next day. In addition, Anne-Marie has taught me how to breathe to calm me and I have found myself using this technique both at work and when I am studying. I think Anne-Marie is very good at what she does and I believe I have benefited from her Reiki treatments.”

Robert, Tadworth, Surrey

“A year and a half ago my life was in turmoil until I met Anne Marie, who is wonderful. I find her treatments to be very caring and professional. I am always made to feel welcome and never feel hurried. Not only have her Reiki treatments helped me enormously, but also her amazing wisdom and generosity are incredible. She has taught me so much through her kindness and I now know that I am on the right life path again and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Elena, Epsom, Surrey

I first came to Reiki on the recommendation of my family G.P. This came after experiencing many side effects from the medication I was taking for high blood pressure, over a period of some ten years. It also added to life stresses and changing patterns which resulted in feelings of being unwell, feeling depressed and constantly worrying about health issues, pushing me into a downward spiral – there seemed no way out.

After meeting Anne-Marie, a Reiki Master Teacher and Reiki Pracitioner and establishing a good and trustful relationship, she explained how our body reacts negatively to external forces but also gave me heart when she explained how we can re-programme ourselves and turn this around. After just a few Reiki sessions, I noticed that my blood pressure was lowering, when monitored at varying times of the day, so not only was I starting to feel better in myself and more in control but there was actually a positive physical process going on. Over the next few months I was able to stop the medication altogether, in agreement with my G.P. I have been free from blood pressure tablets for over 12 months now and maintained a steady and healthy blood pressure reading.

Along with this very positive start, my family began to notice a change in my attitude to life generally and apparently I was beginning to be more pleasant to ‘live with’. I had a deep sense of calmness within and learnt to ‘go with the flow’ of life, rather than trying to hold back the flood. I feel that I have met my ‘real self’ and am now able to pass this positive attitude on to others. When I speak about Reiki now to friends and family, they open up and ask if I think it could help them because they have seen such a positive change in me. I can only speak from my own perspective but I would say ‘take that first step’ as there is nothing to lose and so very much to gain.  Thank you Anne-Marie.

Miriam – Carshalton Beeches, Surrey

I have been seeing Anne-Marie for approxiamtely 6 weeks.  I became severely ill earlier this year with a severe flare of lupus.  I am taking strong immunosuppresants and was getting a lot of pain all over my body.  Even after the first consultation and treatment I got relief from the pain and generally felt more positive.  Under guidance from Anne-Marie I have developed an attitude of self-help.  After six sessions there are far more good days than bad and I feel so much better than when I look back to six weeks ago.  Thank you.

Mary, Carshalton, Surrey

At the beginning of the summer I was starting to get horrible feelings of anxiety, insomnia, trembling, palpitations and loss of appetite.  I did ot want to go on medication I had previously taken three years ago when I suffered from alopecia and lost all my hair.  It took quite a few weeks for the medication to kick in and I felt worse before starting to feel better, re-growth of my hair and leaving my job helped.  Then coming off the medication was quite stressful.  My youngest daughter recommended Reiki treatments with Anne-Marie, as these treatments had successfully treated her anxiety several years before.  I began treatments and felt so much better and continue to feel to much better all the time.  Anne-Marie answered all my questions honestly and in such a positive way and this gave me the tools and belief to help myself.  She recommended I take up meditation and relaxation methods for my mind and body, which have also helped.  I will continue to have Reiki treatments to maintain my wellbeing.  My new saying is ‘Let it go’, which Anne-Marie has shown me how to do.  Thank you Anne-Marie.

Liz, Kingswood

I came to see Anne-Marie after my marriage break-up feeling absolutely devastated at losing my family, my home, my whole meaning to life.  Anne-Marie’s empathetic and kind nature was just what I needed, although I didn’t realise it at the time.  The weekly sessions I had with Anne-Marie became a focal point of positivity in my life, although she takes no credit for any of it.  Anne-Marie is very down to earth and humble, saying it’s the energy that does all the work.  However, it’s also the person who’s there to catch you when you fall and catch me she did, many times.  I am still so suprised at how I’m now coping so well with all the loss I have experienced during this breakup and am so grateful a friend steered me towards Anne-Marie.  I shall now be embarking on learning Reiki for myself so that I can continue to heal myself and manage my emotions in a more positive way.  I am eternally grateful to Anne-Marie and wish I could convince her that she is one truly amazing person.  Yours gratefully, Ray.