Reiki Attunements

Within each degree of learning Reiki, students will receive ‘attunements’ from their Reiki Master.  This attunement process allows the student to be opened and aligned to the Reiki energy and to begin to be able to channel it through their hands.  Anyone is able to be attuned to the Reiki energy as it has no attachments to any religion or belief system.  Usually, attunements are carried out during a Reiki training course, as per Mikao Usui’s original teachings. Mikao Usui Sensei, Dr Hayashi and Mrs Takata all gave attunements to their students in person, from Reiki Master to student and the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in Japan, have carried on this tradition.  Reiki Light only offers attunements in person.

What are Reiki Attunements?

Reiki attunements are passed from Reiki Master to the student as a way of connecting to the universal energy.  After the attunement process, the student’s connection is in place forever.

Reiki attunements differ from Reiju empowerments, being stronger in intensity.  Mikao Usui gave weekly Reiju empowerments to his longer term students to enable them to increase their energy vibration on a slower but steady basis.  However, for students on shorter courses, Usui used the attunement process as it gave an immediate and direct connection to the universal energy.  Western Reiki incorporates the attunement process as the courses are usually held over two days.

Attunements can be extremely powerful in themselves, offering immediate balance and healing to the student.  A typical attunement is carried out with a student being seated and relaxed.  The Reiki Master will then place the sacred Reiki symbols into the student’s aura, chakras (energy centres) and hands.  The energy now moves through the student, through the crown chakra (at the top of the head) and creates an internal channel for the energy to flow, eventually coming out through the student’s hands, where healing can be given and received.  This energy also elevates the student’s vibration to a higher level.  Each student will have a different experience when receiving an attunement and always a positive one.  In general, most students experience a feeling of total peace when receiving an attunement.

Reiki One Attunements

There are three levels of attunements, related to the three degrees of Reiki.   During a Reiki One course, there are four attunements given to the student.  These first attunements are very much about connecting the student to the energy and raising their vibration to a higher level.  As Reiki One is intended to be about self healing, the energy will begin to do just that.  The student now begins to self heal for days, also called the cleansing process, after the last attunement is given.  This day process begins to help the student release any negative energy blocks or emotional issues that may be present.  Students may also heal family and friends after these first attunements.

Reiki Two Attunements

During a Reiki Two course, there are two attunements given to the student, along with the sacred Reiki symbols.  Reiki Two is about deepening the self healing already learned in Reiki One and then to become a Reiki practitioner, healing others.  The attunements at Reiki Two also elevate the student’s vibration to a much higher level.  Students notice how much stronger the Reiki energy feels within them and how much stronger it feels to those they treat.  After these attunements, students are also able to use Reiki as distant healing.

Reiki Master/Teacher Attunements

During a Reiki Master course, the student receives the Master attunements, which further deepen and strengthen the Reiki energy.  The vibration of the student is raised once again to a much higher level and is felt very strongly within the student and also to those they treat.  The Reiki Master symbol is also passed on to the student at this level, which ultimately enables them to attune others to the Reiki energy, if they wish to become a teacher.

Being attuned to Reiki is for life, it stays with you whether you choose to use it or not.  Reiki attunements are always an amazing spiritual experience and are as pleasurable for the Reiki Master giving them as they are for the student who is receiving them.