Choosing a Reiki Master Teacher

Once you have discovered Reiki and decided it is a therapy you would like to learn, the task of finding the right Reiki Master Teacher and the course that suits you, begins. There are many Reiki Master Teachers offering Reiki Training Courses within the UK and worldwide. So how do you decide who to train with?

Listen to your intuition; someone will just ‘feel’ right to you and that will be the person to train with.

The Reiki Master Teacher would ideally belong to an accredited Reiki society or organisation. This organisation will have a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that members will have agreed to abide by. Within the UK, there are only a few organisations and all can be accessed easily via the internet.

Whilst distance learning is becoming extremely popular and does offer reduced course fees, a Reiki student does benefit from face to face direct learning. There are many components to learning Reiki that really do need to be demonstrated and a teacher, who is present in the room, is always available for the student immediately.

When researching any course content, it is important to check that a Reiki training manual will be supplied, together with a Certificate and Lineage. This Lineage must be able to be traced back to Mikao Usui.

It is also important to check that the Reiki Master Teacher will offer ongoing support and mentorship, once the course has ended.

Once you have decided on a Reiki Master Teacher, it is advisable to make contact with them, asking them any questions you may have about the training courses and about the Reiki style they teach.