Reiki Courses for Children

Reiki Courses for Children

Reiki is such a simple and wonderful healing therapy that children can easily learn how to use it. The children I have taught have loved being able to use the energy on themselves, their pets and their families. I feel very strongly that if we could incorporate ‘energy learning’ into the National Curriculum, the results would have a profoundly positive effect on our society.

Teaching Reiki to children is very fluid indeed. Learning styles and teaching methods vary so much and each course is tailored, depending on the age of the child or group of children. Reiki One courses begin for those aged 5 and above and are lots of fun to learn. The sessions last between 2 to 3 hours and there are a minimum of four sessions to attend to complete the course. The gap between the sessions will be discussed with the parent/s at the time of booking.

Teaching children is very much about ‘playing’ with the energy, discovering what the energy can do for them and how can they use it in their everyday lives. It is a fantastic way of helping them find their self-esteem, to believe in themselves and to help them believe they really can achieve their goals and dreams. As Reiki One is very much about self-healing, children are shown the hand positions to use, should they wish to give themselves some energy. In addition, they are shown how to use the energy as a ‘First Aid Kit in their Hands’ for those little bumps and bruises!

Teaching Reiki for Special Needs Children

Reiki One can be taught to children who have special needs and I have personally seen the amazing benefits that have occurred as a result of these children receiving treatments. Special Needs is an area I have lots of experience in, so do please contact me to discuss your child and their needs and I will be happy to advise how a course may be adapted for them.

Reiki One Course for Children includes:

  • An explanation of what Reiki is and how it can be used
  • Fun meditations to clear the mind
  • How much fun positive thinking is and how to use it
  • An introduction to energy sensing and energy sensing exercises
  • Learning about the Seika Tanden plus exercises and breathing techniques to develop the Seika Tanden
  • Learning about the body’s energy centres (Chakras)
  • Self healing hand positions and self healing practice for self, family and pets
  • Learning about self-esteem and inner confidence
  • The Reiki Precepts
  • The 21 day cleansing process
  • Four ‘attunements’ to the Reiki energy


“I really enjoyed my Reiki for Kids course with Anne-Marie because it was very relaxing and taught me how to use Reiki Light to my advantage.  My favour thing to do was the guided meditations e.g. the dolphin one.”  Aoife 2017

“I absolutely loved my Reiki for Kids course with Anne-Marie because I have learnt lots of new skills to help me relax and meditate.  The activities were extremely fun and the meditations were amazing.  My favourite activity was when we were learning about the Precepts.”  Caoimhe 2017