Reiki Training Testimonials

Training Testimonials

When I asked a few of my students and clients if they would write a short testimonial, I was overwhelmed by the response I received. I must thank each and every one of them for their kind words and admit that this whole exercise has been a humbling experience.

“I completed the Reiki Practitioner 2012-1014P course with Anne-Marie in September last year.  I knew from the moment I saw Anne-Marie’s picture on her website that she was the Reiki Master for me. Learning this wonderful healing system from her has been a pure joy and her practical and down to earth approach ensures that the knowledge she imparts becomes grounded firmly within her students. The course notes that Anne-Marie provided me with are clear, concise and easy to understand and have given me a wealth of reference material, which as a
Practitioner I return to regularly. With Anne-Marie, a Reiki student isn’t just for Christmas, when Anne-Marie says she will mentor all her students both during and after their training, for as long as they wish it, she really does mean it and it is a great comfort to know that if I am ever unsure about anything I can always call on her for advice and reassurance. I feel very honoured and lucky that Anne-Marie is here to guide me as I continue on my path to one day becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and look forward to the monthly Reiki shares organised by her. As a person Anne-Marie is warm and welcoming with a wonderful sense of humour and a twinkle in her eyes that has the ability to put everyone instantly at ease. I could say much more about how great she is as a teacher and how much fun the shares are but probably the greatest testament to how much I value Anne-Marie’s knowledge, mentorship and now friendship, is that I regularly travel for 50-60 minutes (the largest part of this is on the M25 at
peak traffic times which I would otherwise would avoid like the plague) to attend her shares.  Thank you Anne-Marie for everything so far and for everything still to come, I am truly blessed to have found you.”

Rachel Ford (Bracknell, Berkshire)

“I have been a student of Anne-Marie’s since October 2012 when I learnt Reiki 1st degree.  I followed on with Reiki 2nd degree in March 2013 and completed the Practitioner course in July 2013.  I continue to see Anne-Marie at regular Reiki share groups.  Anne-Marie is a continual support and a source of both positivity and inspiration to me on my journey.  Thanks to her extensive knowledge I have not only ben able to begin a brand new career in complementary health but also met the challenges of life in a whole new way.  Anne-Marie’s warmth and kind nature are obvious to everyone and anyone feeling nervous or apprehensive are quickly relaxed and reassured.   Her teaching methods are professional and brilliant, she is able to explain everything in detail and in a way that all of her students can understand.  I have always felt I could ask her advise on anything.  The Practitioner course training was so valuable as Anne-Marie teaches everything about the rules and regulations required to follow to become a professional Reiki Practitioner.  I can honestly say that since I met Anne-Marie and learnt the teachings of Reiki, my life has turned in a new direction, for the better.  New doors have opened up for me as a Reiki Practitioner. Thank you Anne-Marie, my teacher and my friend.”

Hannah Alvis of Lee

“I have been a student with Anne-Marie Carratu for nearly 1 year now. She has attuned me to Reiki Master and I am now doing the Master Teacher course with her.  I find Anne-Marie’s relaxed yet professional and down to earth practical approach to teaching about this subject refreshing and fun!

Anne-Marie is a consumate professional and I would recommend her to anybody thinking about learning Reiki. She is very knowledgeable on all kinds of energy work, including Reiki, which makes her contribution invaluable as she has tried and tested many of the methods she teaches with amazing results.  She has been a consistent support for me whilst I have been going through my own transformational work and for me, this is one of her greatest strengths.

A very loving and inspiring human being. The Reiki world is blessed to have such a gifted teacher in its midst.”

Chelsea Cohen, Reiki Master, Caterham

“I completed both the Reiki One and Reiki 2 courses with Anne-Marie and her courses exceeded my expectations.
A great thing about doing the courses with Anne-Marie is that she accommodated my personal needs. For example, there was flexibility in being able to do the course at a time that best suited my needs. Also, the course was designed to allow for prior knowledge, therefore reducing the need to repeat topics that you were acquired from previous learning.

I would recommend that you do your Reiki courses with Anne-Marie as I learned lots of great tips, ideas and strategies which have enabled me to not only become a Reiki Pracitioner, but also integrate Reiki into my lifestyle.”

Evian, London

“When I arrived for the first day of the Reiki One course, I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. What I found was a wonderfully warm and welcoming Reiki Master and Trainer, Anne-Marie, who remained attentive throughout and who was also sensitive to the rhythm of the course by considering our learning needs as we progressed. Learning felt like fun and I particularly enjoyed the practical exercises which added to my enthusiasm. Anne-Marie’s tutorial support continues after the initial day Reiki One course and she actively remains in contact as she is sincerely keen to know how I am doing with Reiki now in my life. The Reiki One course has been and continues to be a happy, loving experience for me.  Thank you Anne-Marie.”

Anadil, Slough

“Anne-Marie is a very friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming lady. Her understanding and supportive nature is both a refreshing and relaxing experience. Anne-Marie’s highly positive and professional attitude instills a sense of inspiration within both the Reiki client and student to empower them to achieve what they seek.”

Emma, Chipstead, Surrey

“I have been fortunate to have had Anne-Marie, both as a teacher and therapist. I can highly recommend her in both areas and can honestly say that Reiki has completely changed my life for the better and that is all down to meeting Anne-Marie. After every treatment, I always feel 100 percent better and the benefits are amazing. As a teacher, Anne-Marie is excellent and her passion for Reiki really shines through. My son is also being taught Reiki One by Anne-Marie, as I know how much he will benefit from learning about this energy.”

Michelle, Coulsdon, Surrey

“Although I had already received my Reiki Master Teacher initiation with another Master, I did not feel complete. As luck would have it, I met Anne-Marie and was impressed with her dedicated, down-to-earth, but highly inspirational demeanour. I studied with her and was re-attuned as Reiki Master Teacher in her nurturing, yet disciplined tutelage. I would highly recommend Anne-Marie as a Reiki Master Teacher.”

Eleana Needham, Ownder & Director, The Healing Pond

“What can I say! Anne-Marie has totally changed my life around for the better. It’s so positive and optimistic now. The Reiki One course I attended was excellent and I’ve learnt so much to empower me, which is very much Anne-Marie’s intention. Each student on the course received individual attention from Anne-Marie and we all agreed that we had been so fortunate to have taken this course with her as our teacher. I am so looking forward to taking a Reiki Two course with her.  Thank you Anne-Marie!”

Sheila, Epsom, Surrey

“The courses were informative, interesting and fun. The handouts were well presented and easy to understand. Anne-Marie teaches with a true passion for Reiki, which helps you to understand how amazing Reiki is. For me the courses have been life changing.”

Paula, Cheam, Surrey

“I have taken Reiki One and more recently Reiki Two with Anne-Marie and have to say that meeting her has completely changed everything about my life. From a teaching perspective, Anne-Marie is marvelous, very knowledgeable and switched on to the students’ needs. As a person, she oozes enthusiasm, passion and humour, which makes the courses fun to learn and very memorable. Anne-Marie also offers ongoing support to anyone who may need it and I have pestered her on many occasions, which she always responds to with patience and yet more knowledge! In the fullness of time, I will begin the pathway to Reiki Master and I look forward to learning with Anne-Marie again.”

Helen, Banstead, Surrey

“Anne-Marie is always professional and warm and works in a relaxing environment. Anne-Marie always actively listens to me before, during and after a treatment. I have benefited on all levels and have become more aware of myself. I am now positive, which I definitely wasn’t before the treatments. My confidence has increased and my life has changed for the better. As a result of having the treatments, I decided to take Reiki One and then Reiki Two with her. Both courses were fantastic as Anne-Marie is an extremely good teacher. It is obvious she is very passionate about Reiki. I now have treatments periodically to maintain the good feelings I have.”

Lisa Poole, Banstead, Surrey

“I would like to THANK YOU so much again for the fantastic course, I really have spent magical moments with you. I have learnt so much during these days that I am convinced that my future can only be bright, sunny and full of love. I have found that meeting up over two weekends helped me “digest” the information about the wonderful healing energy that Reiki is. I find the hand-outs very easy to follow and I refer to them regularly. I always find new information to focus on and practice during my self-healing routine. Every section (either dealing with the Hara Line, Tanden or the Hand Positions, etc) is very clear and I feel confident about what I am doing when practicing, especially a few months away from the course. I am so happy to have met you. You are so wonderful, kind, friendly, enthusiastic and positive in so many aspects that you do inspire me. Thank you very much for following up regularly on my practice and well-being. Your support really means a lot to me and makes me feel completely in harmony with my Reiki practice. You really are a shiny star and your sparkling eyes do prove it! With lots of light and love. ”

Nadège, Slough

“We have written this testimonial as a group who recently learnt Reiki One with Anne-Marie.  We are completely overwhelmed by how amazing learning Reiki with Anne-Marie is.  She is such a passionate teacher, knows her subject very well and inspires you to want to practice this new found skill.  All of us on the course just loved every minute of the weekend, we bonded well and all enjoyed learning with such humour.  We’ve all met up since to practice and pestered Anne-Marie with numerous questions, which she is very happy to answer!!  We are all looking forward to the next stage of learning and to coming along to the Reiki Shares, which are wonderful too.  We have all said that meeting Anne-Marie has been life-changing, in a really positive way and her home and family are just as lovely too.  We’re really excited about this therapy and want to say a big THANK YOU TO YOU ANNE-MARIE”.

Clair, Nicola, Alyson and Peter

“I first met Anne-Marie at a Reiki Share and was stuck by the sheet power and purity of the energy she channels.  It was then I knew I wanted to study with her and I count myself as very blessed to have done so.

Anne-Marie is one of the finest teachers I’ve ever met (and as a qualified NVQ assessor, with years of training and observation of good teaching practice in adult education, I’m in a good position to judge).  I simply cannot rate her skills highly enough!

She is passionate about what she teaches, has superb subject knowledge and a vast expericence, which she imparts seemingly effortlessly, tailoring her approach to suit every individual she encounters.  This is a lady who ‘walks her talk’.  Anne-Marie leads by example and she is inspirational.

As an award winning tutor in adult education, I was accustomed to giving my best and enabling others to achieve their potential.  Anne-Marie is everything I set out to be and more!

Now it’s my turn to be empowered and enthused!  I am absolutely excited about the potential Reiki has to transform lives and I can’t wait to take the next step on my journey to Master level with her.”

Sharon Malyan, Coulsdon, Surrey

‘I have been training with Anne-Marie since April 2013 and have achieved Reiki I & II and the CNHC registered Reiki Practitioner Course too. I have also now completed Reiki Master Practitioner training with Anne-Marie and am now learning how to be a Reiki Master Teacher too, also with Anne-Marie.  I have been very impressed by Anne-Marie’s style of teaching and also that the lineage to the original Usui reiki teachings is so strong. This has really helped me to become an effective and confident reiki practitioner. I have also learnt many other techniques such as ‘ground, connect & protect’ which are great at keeping your life in balance. If you are wondering whether or not to learn reiki – do it! You won’t regret it.’

Kerrie Baker, Reiki Master  

“For many years, I knew I had an ‘unusual’ feeling in my hands, but I never understood what it meant or what it may be used for. Through a friend, I was introduced to Anne-Marie and the world of Reiki healing and I began to train as a Reiki Healer, under Anne-Marie’s guidance. I feel blessed to have met such a wonderful, caring teacher, who has inspired me to continue my training and make Reiki a way of life. Thank you Anne-Marie, for your love & support and I look forward to my next level of training.”

Lots of Love, Rob – CNHC Reiki Practitioner

“I give thanks every day to the circumstances that brought me to study the CNHC Reiki Practitioner course with Anne-Marie.  Before I came to Reiki Light, my life had been one long visit to the hospitals and GP’s.

In the serene and welcoming learning environment at Reiki Light, I was left feeling safe in the hands of a teacher who really has learned her subject through experience and dedication. I can honestly say that since I met Anne-Marie my quality of life has improved drastically. Not only have I managed my illness without needing medication for over a year now, I can use public transport and crowded places without suffering from anxiety and everyone I know comments on the positive changes in my appearance and well-being.

During my time at Reiki Light I have made lots of new friends, had the pleasure of healing myself and others and experienced first-hand the beautiful transformation that Reiki has brought to my life.”

Stefanie, South Norwood (CNHC Reiki Practitioner)

“I started my Reiki training with Anne-Marie well over three years and am now a Reiki Practitioner.  My Reiki journey is ongoing and set to be a lifetime practice.  I have a whole new network of lovely friends through my training and attending Anne-Marie’s Reiki shares.  I highly recommend Anne-Marie if you are considering your Reiki training.  Anne-Marie is a very professional teacher and very down to earth in her approach.  She is also a very warm hearted and empathetic.  From the start of my training I knew I was led to the right teacher.  Practising Reiki has supported me through some challenging life changing events .  My feeling is that not only does Reiki facilitate healing at mind, body, emotional and spiritual levels, it also leads you to find your true path in life.”   

Danielle Rattray,  Ewell 

”Anne- Marie’s knowledge of and passion for Reiki is second to none. She is a true professional and truly inspirational! It is a great comfort to know that I can turn to Anne-Marie as my mentor for any advice and guidance to help me be the best practitioner that I can be.”

Joanne O’Dell, Reiki Practitioner 

“I first met Anne-Marie when I accompanied a friend on her Reiki Level One course. Not really knowing much about Reiki or the benefits, I can honestly say Anne-Marie has changed my life. The skills she taught me have helped both myself and numerous people I’ve treated with Reiki on a whole range of areas both emotional and physical. I’ve even gone on to become a Reiki healer myself with the skills and knowledge she shared with me.

Anne-Marie has a lovely energy about her and you feel instantly calmer and loved by just being in her presence. Over the years she has always been there to help guide and support me and I can’t think of a better person to discover Reiki with. Whether you want to learn Reiki for yourself or have treatments, Anne-Marie is a wonderful person, teacher and practitioner.”

Charlotte Lidster 

“Being attuned to Reiki with Anne Marie has changed my life. I am happier than I have ever been and have found a strength and clarity of purpose that I never imagined possible since beginning this journey. I would strongly recommend Reiki Light to anyone interested in Reiki 1 and especially to those considering Reiki 2 and Practitioner courses. The level of support and tuition offered by Anne Marie are second to none.”

Laurie – CNHC Reiki Practitioner

“I started Reiki 1 and have just completed Reiki 2. In that short amount of time I have learned the use and power of Reiki.  I love how straightforward this course is and how easy it is to follow each step and get great results.

Anne-Marie has made everything simple and relates it to day to day life.  I find it difficult to keep up concentration on my own, but Anne-Marie is so positive, enthusiastic, and incredibly helpful in making sure I reached my goal. I cannot recommend Reiki 1 & 2 enough with Anne-Marie!”

Amit Sihra, CNHC Reiki Practitioner Course

“My journey so far with Reiki and Anne-Marie has been AMAZING and has changed my life in so many ways.  I have learned so much more from Anne-Marie tha Reiki 1 & 2. Anne-Marie is supportive, incredibly passionate about Reiki and really does practice what she preaches (not that she preaches at aol!).  I am so grateful to have Anne-Marie’s on-going support and guidance and nothing is too much trouble for her.

In terms of actually learning Reiki, before I selected Anne-Marie as a teacher I spoke with a number of other teachers locally and in Central London and found them to be very pushy and pressurising about booking with them which I did not get at all with Anne-Marie! There wasn’t even any pressure when I decided that I’d just like to commit to Reiki 1 for now… I have since qualified to Reiki Practitioner level and am looking forward to studying Reiki Master with Anne-Marie. The sessions are structured really nicely and the content of the folders that you get with each level are written really well and are amazing in terms of referring back.

In terms of Anne-Marie as a person and a teacher – I really haven’t met anyone quite like her! Anne-Marie is a very special person indeed. Her passion and enthusiasm for Reiki is infectious. She maintains the perfect balance of being professional, yet personable, yet hilarious and so incredibly down to earth and approachable all at the same time! Anne-Marie’s teaching style is very structured but relaxed at the same time, I never felt once like we rushed through anything or didn’t have an opportunity to discuss things I felt I needed to or ask questions – she also has a gift in terms of being able to identify quickly how to communicate with each person individually and tailors her approach accordingly.Overall, I couldn’t be more grateful to Anne-Marie for everything – she is an absolute credit to the UK Reiki Fed, CNHC and to Reiki! Thank you so much – I’m looking forward to Reiki Master and beyond!”

Leah Freeman, CNHC Reiki Practitioner

“I started my Reiki course last year and I was at a point in my life which I felt very confusing.  I was hoping for a change in my life ( a spiritual change) and boy did I get it.  Reiki has completely changed my life now and Reiki has completely change how I view things, life, matters, relationships.  The change in me has been earth shattering.  I have never been so happy and the direction that I took and I could never, ever have done this without the help of my Reiki master Anne Marie @ Reiki Light .  I have never met anyone before with such a passion for Reiki and to express, encourage and mentor that very same passion to channeling that very same expertise and love into her work and into her students is amazing.  I am ever thankful for Anne Marie’s pure professionalism, mentoring, encouragement and loyalty to me as a student have been so wonderful as I have excelled in ways I could never have dreamed before.  My life has been enriched by Anne Marie’s teachings and I hold nothing but respect and love and gratitude for what she has done for me.  I honestly cannot wait to learn more from Anne Marie on my path to a more fulfilling Reiki life study and with Anne Marie’s help I know anything is possible.  With the greatest of love, gratitude and respect to you Anne Marie.  Love Lorraine xx”
Lorraine Carroll, CNHC Reiki Practitioner 2017


“There are some very special people out there, and I have had the very good fortune to meet one of them, Anne-Marie Carratu.  Having wanted to expand and compliment my therapies I decided to learn Reiki. So after being drawn to ‘Reiki light’ website, which was beautifully presented, informative and had all what I needed I contacted Anne-Marie.

Anne-Marie has such a gift at putting you at ease right at the first phone call, and after taking Reiki one in March 2015 it has changed my life!, I am hooked!!, Anne-Marie’s teaching is not only incredibly enlightening, but she has a fabulous way of teaching with humour and humility and is totally committed to spread the Reiki word.

The course is so very comprehensive, everything is structured in clear precise notes, but it’s not a case of just reading notes, in such a lovely relaxed atmosphere, there is discussion, explanation and questions, so you feel that you really have had everything explained to you.

I’m now on Reiki two and the courses are well thought out to give you time to self heal, meditate and look through notes, all with Anne-Marie there if you need her.

I want to say a BIG ‘’Thank You’’ to you for being such a great teacher, and I hope to continue to learn from you as my Reiki journey continues.

Anne-Marie, you are a true light worker, and I feel blessed finding you.

You are a credit to the Reiki world.  Lots of love magic and light. Sarah Laing xx”

Sarah Laing, CNHC Reiki Practitioner 2017

“When the time was right for me to take up Reiki, I was guided to Anne-Marie.  Her credentials speak for themselves and I was glad to be empowered by a Usui Shiki Ryoho Master, who embodies the energy and ethos of Reiki.  Each teacher is unique and brings something of themselves to their teaching.  Anne-Marie is a practical down-to-earth person whose personality, style of teaching and experience made me feel immediately at ease.  I would not hesitate to recommend somebody whose technical and spiritual knowledge and experience, initiated for me a profound mind-body connection, and has not only taught me a wonderful healing system, but also continues to encourage personal and spiritual growth.”

Keith Gathercole, CNHC Reiki Practitioner 2017

“I had heard a lot about Reiki and wanted to introduce a sense of peace, tranquility and balance into my life. Anne-Marie was recommended to me by a friend and from the start she has been an inspiring, caring and highly-skilled teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed the courses and all the Reiki shares have been fantastic.
I have completed Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and the Reiki Master Practitioner Course with Anne-Marie. Her passion, knowledge, experience and kindness have made my Reiki journey a wonderful and life-changing experience and for that I’m forever grateful.”
Rayya, CNHC Reiki Master Practitioner 2017
“I highly recommend Reiki Light.  Anne-Marie is such a great teacher, mentor and enlightening person that I have really enjoyed studying all my Reiki Degrees with her and would have no hesitation in suggesting you do too if you are interested in Reiki.”
Sarah Robinson, West Sussex
“I would highly recommend completing a Reiki course with Anne-Marie Carratu. She not only provides a rich and structured course plan, she also welcomes you into her home for the course so you can get an idea of how a true master lives. The course material includes all that we need to know about Usui Ryoho and more. Anne-Marie takes the time to get to know each of her students on a one to one basis, allowing us to not only learn about this incredible healing art, but also understand healing ourselves. I, personally spend most of my time in different countries, and have had the opportunity to carry my Reiki studies on in India, Nepal or Thailand. I however have chosen to continue all the way to Reiki Master and soon Reiki Master Teacher course with Anne-Marie, being sure to fit my studies with her in between countries. I always look forward to being in her warm and loving presence.”
Jessica Noifeld, Reiki Master Practitioner 2017