Choosing a Reiki Master Practitioner

There are so many Reiki Practitioners now and choosing the right practitioner for you, is essential for the treatments to be as effective as possible. Your overall comfort and wellbeing are so important during your healing sessions and trust in your practitioner is an intrinsic part of the whole experience.  So how do you choose a good practitioner?

The Reiki Practitioner would ideally belong to an accredited Reiki society or organisation.  This organisation will have a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice that members will have agreed to abide by.  Within the UK, there are only a few organisations and all can be accessed easily via the internet.

Once you have chosen a Reiki Practitioner, it is advisable to make contact with them, asking them any questions you may have about the treatments.  Do include asking them how long they have been a practitioner and how they carry out their treatments.  A good practitioner will inform you that they take a lifestyle and medical history from you to ascertain your suitability for treatment.  This has to be carried out as some medical conditions are classed as contra-indicated (unable to be treated with Reiki) or that GP permission may have to be sought before treatment commences.  It is also important to try and get a sense of whether the practitioner sounds professional, confident and knowledgeable about Reiki, together with being open, honest and empathetic.  A good Reiki practitioner will possess a high level of integrity and will want you to have the best experience you possibly can.

lovepebbleOnce treatments have started, it is important that a good Reiki Practitioner begins to show you how you can empower yourself to help the healing process.  Most people just need a little guidance to make huge positive changes in their life.

“Above all else, listen to your intuition; someone will just ‘feel’ right to you and that will be the person to have treatments with.”