Reiki Two – Second Degree (Okuden)

Reiki Two is the practitioner level and is taught over two days.  Once completed, this certificated course will allow you to treat clients as a professional Reiki Practitioner, for which you may charge a fee.  As well as becoming a Practitioner, this second degree also deepens the Reiki teachings and continues to expand your energies.  Over the period of this course, you will receive two further Reiki attunements.  This course is provided with full course notes.

Who can learn Reiki Two?

Any student having completed a Reiki One course. There should be a minimum of three months between learning Reiki One and Reiki Two.

Reiki Two course includes:

  • How Reiki is used at this level
  • Two ‘attunements’ to the Reiki energy
  • The 21 day cleansing process
  • The power of intention
  • Meditations to ground and protect
  • Introduction to the first three Reiki symbols and how they are used
  • Practice using these symbols
  • Introduction to distance healing and practice
  • Symbols and the Seika Tanden
  • Okuden Level Japanese Reiki Techniques
  • Anatomy for Reiki
  • Taking a client consultation
  • Empathetic listening
  • Practical – preparation and giving a Reiki treatment
  • Case studies
  • Reflective practice
  • Energetic hygiene
  • The health benefits of Reiki
  • Deeper understanding of energy sensing
  • Practical – learning how different energies feel
  • Setting up a Reiki practice
  • Codes of Professional Practice
  • Reiki Two Certificate and Lineage

At the end of this course, you will feel confident in giving a Reiki treatment to a professional standard.  You will be encouraged to practice on friends and family and supported to begin your own Reiki practice.

Students wishing to learn Reiki Two will be offered full mentorship throughout their period of learning and ongoing mentorship for as long as they may wish to receive it.

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There are many Reiki Two courses running at various locations so do please contact me for all dates and venues.  I am also very happy to teach in small groups or one to one.