Reiki Training Courses

Reiki is a very easy therapy to learn and includes everyone, as it is not bound by any belief system.  It is now widely recognised and is being practiced and taught throughout the UK.  It has also undergone a voluntary regulation process and is now recognised by the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

Usui Shiki Ryoho is traditional Reiki, handed down from Usui Sensei to Reiki Masters practicing today.  Usui Sensei’s teachings are very much about teaching people how to heal themselves, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  His motto ‘unity of self through harmony and balance’ was written on a plaque on the wall of his training centre in Tokyo.  This is very much the basis for learning all the levels of Reiki today.

There are western style teachings, handed down from Mrs Takata and there are other styles practiced in Japan.  Most Reiki Masters teaching in the West are beginning to blend the two styles, thereby offering students a more comprehensive and rounded teaching.


Who can learn Reiki?

Anyone can learn this simple and wonderful healing therapy.  Reiki includes everyone, from all backgrounds and all religions.  Children can also learn a simplified version of it too.

Courses are held all year round and are usually taught in small groups or individually.  Larger groups are also catered for and are taught in conjunction with other Reiki Master Teachers.  Different students have different learning styles and I can adapt the courses accordingly.  This means that everyone is included in the learning of Reiki.

I believe that Reiki should be accessible to all and therefore, will try and accommodate timescales that suit your lifestyle.  Courses can be held over a weekend, weekday daytime or weekday evening.  I am also happy to spread the learning out over a period of time, if this is beneficial to you.

There are three main levels to Sensei Usui’s teachings and each level teaches you how to integrate Reiki into your life.  Please click on the relevant links to read further about the courses.

Reiki One Course – First Degree (Shoden)                                   –      Self healing

Reiki Two Course – Second Degree (Okuden)                               –      Practitioner

Reiki Three/Master Course – Third Degree (Shinpiden)           –      Master

As a certified teacher, courses are delivered to a very high standard and are accompanied with full course notes.  All courses are offered teaching to the Core Curriculum and National Occupational Standards for Reiki.   On completion of each course, you will receive a certificate and copy of your Reiki lineage.